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News for category "Reference"

Vizio Reference-series UHD TVs promise enhanced picture and sound

The new Vizio Reference series UHD TVs are designed to offer enhanced contrast and colors and, in some cases, surround-sound systems. Vizio didn't indicate an availability date or prices for the ...


Video-over-IP Reference Design supports JPEG 2000 streams.

Built around Xilinx FPGA platform, 4-channel Video-over-IP Reference Design allows interoperable transport of JPEG 2000 streams over IP networks. Transmitter is able to take up to 4 SDI high-definition streams (1080p30), optionally compress them with JPEG 2000, and send them over 1 Gbps (with compression) or 10 Gbps (uncompressed) Ethernet according to VSF TR-01 standard. Receiver platform ...